Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

Complicated and often emotionally charged, divorce can be a difficult process for the parties. At the Law Office of Richard J. Abramson, I consult with clients regarding divorce and provide clients with divorce representation throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia that is tailored to individual cases and issues.

I have more than 35 years of experience helping residents of southeast Pennsylvania navigate the divorce process. I work closely with every client, providing an explanation of legal options available, answering questions and informing each client of developments and discussing strategies to protect the rights of my clients.

We Will Tackle Your Divorce Together

In addition to handling the divorce itself, I advise clients on domestic and family law matters, which may include:

  • Child custody: I provide assistance to clients who are facing child custody disputes or proceedings. This may include sole physical custody, shared physical custody, partial physical custody, sole legal custody, shared legal custody, relocation issues, whether any time with the child or children must be supervised. I also handle the modification or enforcement of these issues, including contempt.
  • Child support, spousal support, alimony pendent lite: I will review the financial circumstances and the relevant factors, including the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines and rules. There may be issues regarding contributions to child care, private or parochial school, summer camp, medical, dental, optical, psychological, orthodontia expenses, medical insurance premiums, as well as a home mortgage, homeowners insurance and real estate taxes, and other expenses. Federal Child Tax Credit also may be an issue.
  • Equitable distribution of property: I guide clients through the process of dividing property and debt. Appraisals and evaluations of real and personal property, retirement accounts, professional partnerships, businesses and other assets may be necessary. Issues may include whether certain property and debts — or a part of them — should be considered marital or nonmarital property.
  • Alimony: I advise my clients regarding the factors the court will consider in determining the nature, amount, duration and manner of any alimony award.
  • Separation: Discussing the issues when the parties are living separate and apart before they are divorced.

Contact Me For Help With Your Divorce Or Family Law Matter

I take the time to listen to my clients and discuss the legal options available. By getting to know them and their needs, I can better represent their interests in divorce and family law negotiations and in court. To discuss scheduling an appointment to meet with me regarding your family law matter, contact me via email or call 215-444-0900.