Know Your Rights Regarding Child And Spousal Support And Alimony Pendente Lite

Support matters concerning children or a spouse can be emotionally contentious. At the Law Office of Richard J. Abramson, I provide compassionate, understanding legal advice and representation to clients seeking help with support matters throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County from my office in Warminster. Law office of richard j abramsonI have been providing tailored solutions designed to fit each client's unique individual case and issues for more than 35 years. I review support guidelines with my clients and discuss relevant factors, issues, circumstances, and the needs and obligations that may be considered in a support proceeding and the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines, and formula and calculations for child support, and calculations and factors and issues for spousal support and alimony pendente lite. I also represent clients in proceedings to modify or terminate alimony awards and in litigation involving modification or termination of child support or spousal support or alimony pendente lite.

Experienced Help With Child Support Matters

Calculating a child support obligation involves more than determining monthly net incomes of the parties or looking at the schedule in The Pennsylvania Support Guidelines and rules regarding support. Determining gross and net income for support calculations may be complicated. Many factors, circumstances and issues may be relevant in a particular support case and hence, the consideration of them is necessary in calculating the support obligation.

Children of other relationships, multiple families, and payments of spousal support or alimony pendente lite or alimony are important considerations. The Federal Child Tax Credit may be an issue in a child support proceeding. Also, certain additional expenses identified in the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines may be allocated between the parties by the trier of fact. It is important to apply the correct rules in calculating a support obligation. There are particular rules for high income and low income cases as defined in the support rules.

I review support guidelines carefully with my clients, letting them know how deviations, circumstances and issues might apply. Earning capacity rather than actual earnings may be an issue in calculating support. Also, whether certain monies received by a party is income or not may be an issue. Special or unusual or extraordinary needs and obligations of the parties and the children must be considered. The court may determine the amount of support deviates from the amount of support determined by the guidelines.

I have the knowledge and experience to advise you and negotiate and litigate the issues. In a child support proceeding, factors and obligations and costs of or for the child or children and/or parties may include but not be limited to:

  • Child care expenses
  • Summer camp expenses
  • Insurance premiums for medical, health, dental and vision coverage
  • Unreimbursed medical, health, dental and vision expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Psychological and counseling expenses
  • Orthodontia expenses
  • Mortgage payments if a spouse is living in the marital residence
  • The number of overnights each child spends with a parent or party
  • Special or unusual or extraordinary needs of the child
  • Earning capacity or earning potential of each party
  • Child support for other children or former spouses not a party to the action

Assisting With Paternity Matters

If paternity is an issue, I will discuss this also. If you received a complaint or petition regarding support or an order to appear at a support conference or master's hearing or a trial or hearing before a judge, please call me to discuss making an appointment for a consultation.

Need Help With Enforcement Of Support Orders?

Nonpayment of support is a serious matter. I consult with and represent obligors and obligees with regard to support issues, including enforcement of support. I assist clients who are not receiving support payments and advise and defend clients who have received notice of contempt proceedings. Please call me to discuss by making an appointment to meet with me regarding your support or family law or domestic relations matter.

The First Step Is Scheduling A Meeting

I understand that involvement in support matters can be difficult and stressful, and I apply my knowledge, experience, care and compassion in consulting with and representing clients. Contact me online or call 215-444-0900 to discuss scheduling an appointment. I am accessible, promptly return phone calls and try to schedule appointments at mutually convenient times.