Legal Representation You Can Count On

Legal issues may leave a person confused and stressed. Enlisting the help of a trusted attorney who will discuss with you the circumstances of your case, explain your legal options and rights, and tailor a strategy to help resolve your issues may greatly reduce the confusion and stress you feel when dealing with legal issues.

At the Law Office of Richard J. Abramson, I provide personal attention and legal representation in family law, personal injury law and employment law. I have been practicing law since 1981. From my office in Warminster, I help residents of Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, as well as surrounding counties.

Dedicated To Meeting Your Needs In A Variety Of Legal Areas

I represent clients who are dealing with a wide range of legal issues. Many feel overwhelmed and are worried about the future. My commitment is to provide legal representation with personal, caring attention and clear communication and being accessible throughout each case so my clients feel they are well represented.

I assist clients in many areas of law, including:

Divorce and family law — I handle matters related to contested or uncontested divorce and the difficult decisions that come with divorce. Many people are turning to online divorce legal software or forms in an effort to save money. Even seemingly straightforward divorces can be complex and contain issues the parties do not realize. Do-it-yourself divorce kits may not be correct for the venue the divorce is filed in or may not be complete and cannot replace the knowledgeable and informative advice you will receive from an attorney who practices divorce and family law.

Personal injury claims — I advocate for people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, bicycle accident, in a slip- or trip-and-fall accident, or in an accident allegedly caused by a condition on the premises. I also represent people who are injured allegedly due to a defective product, an animal attack, alleged medical errors or through any accident claimed to be caused by someone else's negligence. I am determined to seek justice in representing clients in their claims against others for causing them pain, damages and losses.

Employment law disputes — Please call me if you believe you are the victim of wrongful termination or discrimination in the workplace. I represent workers with claims of unlawful workplace discrimination, including discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, age and pregnancy harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation or wrongful termination. I also assist individuals with contract negotiation, disciplinary issues, employment agreements, noncompete disputes, nonsolicitation issues, severance and separation agreements, wage and hour law disputes, and Family Medical Leave Act issues. I can represent individuals in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission, in state and federal court, and in arbitration matters.